Live! in Laurencekirk


Our latest event is now in the record books, with the stars from WrestleZone once again taking over the St Laurence Hall in Laurencekirk for more body slamming action.

With six huge contests in the heat of the Scottish summer, tempers flared on a night where rivalries were furthered. With Battle of the Nations just five weeks away, our web team look back on the three things we learned from our return to Laurencekirk.

1: Crusher Craib = Scotty Swift’s tormentor

This rivalry escalated at Proving Grounds where Scotty Swift was sent through a table following the official contact signing between the pair. The bad blood has continued to brood as the match has been made official, with both grapplers keen to get the upper hand heading into their first meeting since June last year!

However in Laurencekirk, Crusher Craib once again paid dividends for Sterling Oil as he caused the distraction that allowed Alan Sterling to pick-up the pinfall victory, and the duo left Swift laying struggling to breath following an almighty beatdown.

While Crusher is known for creating carnage, these past few months have seen him get inside the head of Scotty Swift. Will Scotty’s focus on revenge actually be a detriment to their contest at the Northern Hotel, or can the “Red-Haired Warrior” find something extra inside to battle back against the “Creator of Carnage”. We have no answers, but we are looking forward to seeing this all transpire!

2: A good night for Sterling Oil… bar one member

With Richard R. Russell still under a leave of absence, Sterling Oil members were let loose in Laurencekirk with three big matches. And while William Sterling was not victorious in his match with Mikkey Vago, the Sterling Brothers took advantage of an absent Chris Archer to put the boots to the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” and leave the Tag Team Champion lying after their bout.

In the night’s main event, rivalries were renewed as Shawn Johnson defended the gold against arch enemy Bryan Tucker. This bout went exactly as you might think; a wild brawl that saw no love lost between the pair. In the end though, Johnson was able to send Tucker head-first into the ring post before drilling him with the Metallic Driver for the victory.

And so the one… Damien… once again he was tripped up in his bout with Bradley Evans. Controlling long portions of this match, the “Revolutionary” was in control until he got into some catcalling from the fans, clearly feeling the pressure that has been put on him by his Sterling Oil friends. This allowed Evans the chance to roll-up Damien, surprising the first-ever Undisputed Champion and scoring a huge victory! Damien’s face was a picture after this match, and reporting back to Triple R this week may not be comfortable for the grappler!

3: The Lord is gone for good?

Can it be true? After losing in the night’s opening contest, Lord Mr. Malice acted very strangely and left his cape and crown in the ring. Speculation is rampant that the Lord has abdicated his crown and may never be seen again in the WrestleZone – but all this is yet to be confirmed.

What is for sure is that Malice was on the losing end of a three-way contest with Zach Dynamite and Mr. P, with “Fully Loaded” really impressing in this contest. Having missed out on the Tri-Counties Championship, ZD may be set for an assault a bit higher up the totem pole as he continues to display some great wrestling skills.

The one other contest from Laurencekirk saw Nathan North pick-up the victory over Blue Thunder, “Vintage” North using a handful of the ropes to see him through! The oldest trick in the book for sure, but one that the “Masked Wonder” won’t want to see back!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Laurencekirk – the build to Battle of the Nations continues with a series of appearances across the North-east. See the homepage of this website for more details.