Battle of the Nations 2017


Photography by Brian Battensby

Nights at the Northern Hotel tend to bring important moments for the WrestleZone grapplers, and we might just have seen the biggest yet this past Saturday night.

Our annual summer fight night brought the fun back to Aberdeen with several top matches, championship challenges and the arrival of the first-ever WWE UK Champion in store for the packed crowd.

But by the end of the night, there was just one name on the lips of fans after “The Revolutionary” Damien etched his name into the history books with a night like no-other.

Firstly, his hotly-anticipated match with Tyler Bate delivered as these two went toe-to-toe, with fans lapping up the action. Damien almost held his own, but in the end it was Bate who delighted fans with the Tyler Driver 97 and victory.

A significant event took place after the match as Damien and Tyler shook hands – a big show of respect to the first-ever Undisputed Champion.

But if the night was made for moments, his would come after a tremendous triple threat main event with Shawn Johnson defending the gold against “Ironman” Joe Coffey and Zach Dynamite. An exciting match would see all three men give it their all; Coffey bringing the power moves but ZD moving quicker than lightning! Shawn Johnson tried hard but he struggled with two top challengers and his title looked in grave jeopardy.

However, as Dynamite and Coffey slugged it out, the former champion climbed to the top rope and delivered an amazing splash to Dynamite, but the cover was broken-up by Johnson’s double Footstomp and the pinfall victory over Zach!

The fans appreciated the effort of the challengers here, but it was Shawn Johnson who stood in the limelight as Sterling Oil came out to congratulate the standard bearer. With Richard R. Russell proclaiming this to be a great night for Sterling Oil, each member took a turn to say something to the champion!

But when it came to Damien, his actions would speak louder-than-words as he superkicked Shawn to a tremendous roar of approval from the crowd! It seems the “Revolutionary” has finally realised there is life without Sterling Oil, and at the Northern Hotel, he began his journey into free society. We look forward to the next move as Sterling Oil regroup and learn how to deal with the traitor.

Crusher Craib hospitalises Scotty Swift

Up until the end of the night, things had gone so well for Sterling Oil. The return of Crusher Craib got off to a chaotic start as he and Scotty Swift fought all over the Northern Hotel. The big punches landed on the “Red-Haired Warrior”, but back in the ring he caught a break with an early Granite City Driver from which the “Creator of Carnage” powered spectacularly out!

The slugfest continued but Crusher would rebound and hit three big boots consecutively! However, Crusher was not done and began pummelling the back of Scotty’s head until referee Dennis Law was forced to stop the fight, throwing himself on Swift’s unresponsive body!

Crusher had done it, and in dominating fashion! Staff quickly came to Scotty’s aide, but he made a beeline back to the ring at the sign of life from the fan favourite, and looked to end his career with the Kerb Stomp.

This sent the Northern Hotel into a panic as staff, helpers and members of the WrestleZone roster came to Scotty’s aid. We now know that Scotty has suffered a severe concussion and we don’t know how long it will be before he will be back, but fans will no doubt be eager to see Swift avenge this shocking return!

Tag Title warfare

The doubles gold was also on the line as The Rejected defended against William and Alan Sterling in a very special Tornado Tag Team Match. Richard R. Russell – complete with his “hair transplant” – encouraged this one from the off as Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago took the fight to Sterling Oil.

With the nature of the contest, this was anything goes and The Rejected introduced some steel into the action – but the chairs would eventually come back to bite them! Despite delivering a double coast-to-coast, the night belonged to the Sterling Brothers as they smashed Mikkey Vago’s head into the chair and delivered the Oil Crash for victory.

Lifting the tag titles for a record-setting 5th time, William and Alan now retake their spot at the top of the tag team division and have damaged The Rejected, with Vago set to miss some action with a concussion of his own.

Tri-Counties Championship

The night’s opening contest would see Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions vie in our special 10-minute time limit bout, and the action was very fast-paced with both grapplers showing a great degree of athleticism.

With Faith on the offensive, Lions came under mounting pressure but he looked to use his experience in every way. However, the “Tenacious One” made a mistake in avoiding contact with the corner buckles, and instead was superkicked while upside down with the “King of Catch” delivering a Tombstone Piledriver for the victory! Sammii Jayne seemed delighted with her man as he marked his first big title defence at the Northern Hotel!

England Vs. Scotland

As always, a big match draw took the oldest rivalry in international history to the max as Mr. P and Andy Wild fought for national pride. With Mr. P in full Braveheart get-up, the fans were really on his side as he took the fight to the Englishman in the cauldron of the Northern Hotel.

But Wild is still reeling from his “stink face” at Aberdeen Anarchy and was in no mood for games as Mr. P made a repeat here! But with the end in sight, Scotland were just moments from victory until “Vintage” Nathan North appeared from backstage with his new accomplice, Jeeves Winchester.

North was complaining about Mr. P being picked for this match, and that a man of class should have been put forward. At this point, North would throw his wine in the face of Mr. P, which was a dirty move that allowed Andy Wild to hit the Wildest Driver to gain the three-count and the victory for England!

Fans did not like this decision, but the result stands and will be something that Mr. P won’t be happy with!

And so, many twists and turns during an eventful night at the Northern Hotel. The fall-out begins in Keith this Saturday, and it will be interesting to see what transpires as the WrestleZone stars get set for more body slamming action.