Live! in Keith


Our return to the Longmore Hall in Keith this past Saturday night was the stage for the fall-out from Battle of the Nations – and what a night this turned out to be! Following the event, our website team look at the three top talking points from the event!

1: Damien begins life on his own

Battle of the Nations marked a turning point for Damien as he not only took Tyler Bate to the limit, but he finally left Sterling Oil with a superkick to Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson. Solo life began in Keith with Damien taking on his former stablemate William Sterling, but before the bout started Richard R. Russell would beg Damien to reconsider, urging him to “make Sterling Oil great again.”

However the “Revolutionary” made his decision clear as he proceeded to chase Russell around the hall the fans cheered him on; unchartered territory for the first-ever Undisputed Champion. In his match against William Sterling, Damien showed great heart and finally nailed the win with the Codebreaker and three-count.

But his night was not done; after Shawn Johnson retained the Undisputed Championship in a close encounter with Chris Archer, Johnson looked to stamp his authority with a vicious assault on the former tag team champion. Bursting through the curtain came Damien who went blow-to-blow with the man who replaced him at the head of the Sterling Oil table.

Damien would get the better of the exchange but Johnson would bail before the “Revolutionary” could add the exclamation point, but we got a sense of what is to come, and surely this is not the end of Damien’s journey, just the beginning.

2: Carnage created!

After his demolition of Scotty Swift last week, Crusher Craib returned to action this time against WrestleZone Training Academy graduate Bradley Evans. And while last week is still fresh in the memory, the conclusion of this contest was yet another demolition as Crusher Craib tore through the prospect with aplomb.

Evans gains great credit here for facing fear in the face, but Craib is a wild monster on the loose and we have no idea who is going to stop him! Crusher dropped Evans with a sick Big Boot to the face, clocking-up his second victory in as many weeks and proving once again that he is back.

If this was a sign of what is to come, the WrestleZone grapplers need to be very wary of stepping into the ring with the “Creator of Carnage” as no doubt Crusher has returned nastier than ever!

3: Mr. P rebounds in great fashion

WrestleZone management have come-up with a novel way to decide the next contender to the Tri-Counties Championship, pitting three fan favourites in action in Keith. Mr. P, Zach Dynamite and Johnny Lions contested this Triple Threat contest knowing that the winner would get a chance at Aspen Faith this Saturday in Brechin – with that in mind the action was quick with all three looking to secure their title opportunity.

All three had chances to win but the unique nature of this contest made sure there was always a third competitior to break-up the action. That was until Zach Dynamite nailed Lions with the Swing-Ma-Jig, but before he could capitalise, Mr. P would counter and score the Ax Kick for the victory that secure him a championship opportunity next week.

Mr. P knows that he has earned this shot at gold, and having failed in the Battle of the Nations match, he will be eager to make-up for this disappointment and win his first singles gold in Brechin.

Results (16/09/17)

Mr. P def. Zach Dynamite & Johnny Lions

Crusher Craib def. Bradley Evans

Blue Thunder def. WrestleZone Dominator

Damien def. William Sterling

Bryan Tucker def. Super Executioner

Undisputed Championship – Shawn Johnson def. Chris Archer