Live! in Brechin


This past Saturday night, a return to deepest Angus had the WrestleZone fans out in force as a top night of body slamming action took place in Brechin.

Fans at the City Hall were loud and enthusiastic with six top bouts during a great night of action, our web team look back on the night’s top three talking points!

Shawn Johnson train rolls on!

The Undisputed Championship was in double jeopardy once more as Shawn Johnson defended in the night’s main event against not just one, but two top challengers. WrestleZone management had decreed another chance for “Outcast” Chris Archer – while former two-time champion “Tenacious” Johnny Lions was added to the mix here for a Triple Threat contest!

With two top challengers, this was going to be a tough night for Sterling Oil’s golden boy! However, he caught a lucky break as Lions was forced out of this bout in the early stages after a nasty spill on the outside of the floor! This left Johnson with Archer, and The Rejected member was rolling until he missed one of his high-risk moves!

Johnson would go to two on the former tag team champion and looked set to win the contest; until a defiant Johnny Lions came back through the curtain having received medical attention, and went to work on both men! There were big moments with all three grapplers getting a chance to win, but in the end, it was Shawn Johnson who prospered after a huge Double Footstomp on Lions, with Archer just failing to break the cover!

What’s more impressive than this victory on its own is Johnson’s extended tenure at the top. Few could have predicted that the former Hotshot would hold onto the top gold for so long, and yet since winning it at Aberdeen Anarchy, he has conquered some of Scotland’s best. Richard R. Russell must have mixed emotions now as the fight with Damien continues, but for Shawn Johnson, life on top is sweet right now!

Challengers line-up!

The fans pick to dethrone Shawn is undoubtedly former Sterling Oil mate Damien. Since turning his back on Sterling Oil, the “Revolutionary” has turned into a machine and in Brechin he survived an exciting bout with Alan Sterling, winning after Alan attempted a counter to his Guillotine, only for Damien to hit the Codebreaker for the win!

Having gone through both halves of the tag team champions, Damien might be ready to step-up to the singles scene. WrestleZone’s first Undisputed Champion might desire a return to the top but management must be very wise about the next challenger for the gold, given Damien’s history in unsuccessful challenges.

The fans can help by letting WrestleZone management know who they want to see challenge Shawn Johnson, and Damien for one will be hoping the people help him on his way to turning Shawn Johnson and Sterling Oil upside-down!

Mr. P thwarted by “Vintage” Nathan North

One match fans were really looking forward was the title challenge of Mr. P, vying for Aspen Faith’s Tri 

Counties Championship. The popular grappler squared-off to the “King of Catch” in an action-packed bout contested under a 10-minute time limit. With one minute remaining the punches reigned in from both men but it was Mr. P who embraced the chaos the most!

As he looked for victory though, it was over to “Vintage” Nathan North and Jeeves Winchester to attempt to interfere, continuing the issue started by North at Battle of the Nations.

Mr. P was wise to the attack and managed to fend them off – however as he followed this up with the Axe Kick to Faith, the time-limit expired which means that the “King of Catch” retains the Tri Counties Championship.

Without the distraction, it would have been interesting to see what happened; it doesn’t need saying that Mr. P was not happy with how this all transpired and will no doubt be lobbying management to have something done about North and Winchester’s actions.

When we will see a reaction is unclear, but in under two weeks we get back to action at Balmedie Leisure Centre, and fans will once again be looking for answers as the WrestleZone stars hit the home stretch of 2017.


Andy Wild def. Bradley Evans

Nathan North def. Zach Dynamite

Damien def. Alan Sterling

Tri-Counties Title - Aspen Faith & Mr. P fought to a time limit draw

Crusher Craib def. Bryan Tucker

Undisputed Title - Shawn Johnson def. Johnny Lions & Chris Archer