Live! in Balmedie

Photography by Brian Battensby

An enthusiastic crowd was on hand as we returned to the Balmedie Leisure Centre, six top matches in store for wrestling fans as the build to Halloween Hijinx continued.

By the end of the night, the pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place as the stars of the WrestleZone looked to pick-up the momentum heading towards our Spooktacular showpiece. Our web team were on hand and here they cover the three top talking points emerging from another hyped event!

1: Damien has found an old ally!

The night’s main event would see Damien go it alone against both Crusher Craib and Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson. Having failed to find a partner for the tag team contest, the “Revolutionary” was in for a tough night against the top two from Sterling Oil.

Richard R. Russell’s men were out to enjoy their night knowing their numbers advantage would surely see them home with the victory.

However, Damien proved to be defiant as he took the fight to both Crusher and Johnson, but after an extended beatdown, the “Revolutionary” was wilting under the pressure!

Catching a break, Shawn Johnson was reaching for the tag to Crusher Craib to put Damien out of his misery – but in came Johnny Lions to back-up his former tag team partner!

The “Tenacious One” took the tag from Damien and then proceeded to fight back against Crusher and Johnson. With the numbers evened, Damien and Lions took the fight to Russell’s charges and had chances to win the tie!

However, the fateful strike would come as Crusher Craib looked to Big Boot Damien, only for Johnny Lions to shove his former friend out of the way and take the boot to the face, a moment of selflessness from Lions but ultimately this provided Crusher and Johnson with the victory they wanted!

Recognising their job was done, Sterling Oil got out of the way, leaving Damien and Johnny to reconcile in the ring; a handshake proving that the Revolutionary has back-up in his war with Sterling Oil.

We now know that Damien will challenge Shawn Johnson for the Undisputed Championship on October 28th and while the champion has back-up from Sterling Oil, we now know that Damien is not alone on his quest to regain the top gold!

2: North and Mr. P rivalry heats-up

Words have been exchanged in the ongoing rivalry between fan favourite Mr. P and “Vintage” Nathan North. But in Balmedie, it was North’s appearance at ringside that would prove to be a distraction to Mr. P and ultimately cost him his match that night!

In Triple Threat action against the returning Jason Reed and Johnny Lions, Mr. P was showing the world all the skills that have made him a top grappler in WrestleZone.

But with the action building to a crescendo, North had clearly seen enough and looked to snatch the Scotland flag from Mr. P’s corner. Wise to the advance, Paterson looked to stop the theft only for Reed to catch a break with the Olympic Slam gaining him the victory on his return North!

Mr. P was clearly furious that North’s action had once again cost him a big match; but later in the night he almost got his hand on North after the “Vintage One’s” victory over Blue Thunder. These two will eventually meet at Halloween Hijinx and with a lot of animosity between the pair, a huge fight is in store on October 28th.

3: “King of Catch” continues on

The Tri-Counties championship was on-the-line as Aspen Faith defended the gold against Balmedie’s own Chris Archer! The former tag team champion is currently on his own as partner Mikkey Vago remains on the side-lines, but in singles action here he had the chance to mark a career high with victory in his home town.

In the early stages, the “Outcast” showed glimpses of his high-flying style that has won him many admirers, however the “King of Catch” was able to slow the pace and go to work on a man he knows very well!

Indeed, these two have a storied history in the WrestleZone and it was no surprise that these two had a classic contest with many twists and turns along the way.

In the end though, Aspen Faith would ground the ambitions of Archer after Chris went high once again, snatching him out of mid-air and hitting the devastating Thunderbird Tombstone for victory and another successful defence of the Tri-Counties Championship.

Since winning the gold at Aberdeen Anarchy, Faith has proven to be a top champion and in Balmedie, he was able to get the better of Archer. With challengers continuing to line-up to his crown, how long will the “King of Catch” be able to rule this kingdom?

Saturday 7th October - Balmedie Leisure Centre

Tag Titles - Sterling Brothers def. Bradley Evans & Zach Dynamite

Jason Reed def Mr. P & Johnny Lions

Nathan North def. Blue Thunder

Tri-Counties: Aspen Faith def. Chris Archer to retain

Bryan Tucker def. Super Executioner

Crusher Craib & Shawn Johnson def. Johnny Lions & Damien