Halloween Hijinx 2017

Saturday 28th October - Kincorth Community Centre, Aberdeen

Photos by Brian Battensby

The WrestleZone Undisputed Championship was the focus as the grapplers prepared for our October Spooktacular this year taking place at Kincorth Community Centre.

The annual fright night would see current titleholder Shawn Johnson defend the gold against the number one contender and former Sterling Oil kingpin Damien, who has breathed life into his ailing career after breaking away from Richard R. Russell’s men.

A night of grappling would ensue with championships defended and the big grudge matches come to a head. Our web team were ringside for the action and here they wrap up the main talking points from an action-packed night!

Rivalry takes centre stage!

Like a flash, the local wrestling scene changed as long-time Sterling Oil grappler Damien turned his back on Richard R. Russell and co at Battle of the Nations. That moment, less than two months ago, has been the turning point for a grappler long admired by fans, but who has not had the best of luck in trying to regain the Undisputed Championship.

Six years have passed since Damien stood on top of the tree, but it was with that goal in mind that the “Revolutionary” marched into Kincorth intent on taking down the man who replaced him at the helm of Sterling Oil, Shawn Johnson.

However, the champion has a list of defeated challengers marking some of the best in Scotland; from Joe Coffey to Zach Dynamite and Bryan Tucker, Shawn has proven to be a sustainable titleholder that the Sterling Oil brand has cared.

But as the fight opened in Kincorth, it was clear the numbers game was not going to be to his advantage tonight! Indeed, Johnson might have sought back-up from his brothers-in-arms William and Alan, but the night took a turn as the tag team champions were sent from ringside early on!

From there, the contest evened-out and this was a war of attrition, both men engaged in a high stakes battle of chess with neither grappler ready to blink. But as matches do, this one took an unfortunate turn as referee Dennis Law was caught in the middle, and in the ensuing chaos, it was Crusher Craib called to the fore by Russell.

Crusher would batter and bruise Damien, choke slamming him on the ring apron and leaving the Revolutionary for dead before heading out of sight! However, as referee Law recovered his senses, it was not to be as Damien valiantly kicked out!

Johnson sensed his moment and looked to go high-risk once more, his jumping back elbow a weapon of effectiveness. However, Damien spotted this and took his chance, nailing the codebreaker as Johnson was knocked out from the blow!

Damien covered and the Kincorth crowd came unglued as Dennis Law counted to three and signalled that we had a new Undisputed Champion! Richard R. Russell looked on agonisingly as he struggled to comprehend what had just happened!

The Revolutionary celebrated with his fans as the culmination of six years of hurt and pain were 

released in an instant! The one thing he craved was to hold the top gold again, and the noise was incredible as the fans celebrated with their new hero!

Johnson limped backstage accepting defeat, for now, but this does not look like the end, not if Richard R. Russell gets his way. Damien has turned the WrestleZone on its head in just under two months and from what we saw at Halloween Hijinx, the Revolution has only just begun…

Challengers line-up

So, while the fate of the Undisputed Championship was decided in dramatic fashion, our other two title holders remain on top in their respective divisions. However, the challengers for Aspen Faith and the Sterling Brothers are not too far away!

Faith was victorious in the night’s opening contest, putting away Bradley Evans with the Tombstone – a moment mimicked in our second match as Sammii “Faith” defeated Debbie Sharp in a hard-hitting contest.

But it was the performance of Zach Dynamite, winning a crazy Halloween Brawl against Andy Wild and Blue Thunder, that caught eyes and a confrontation with Faith perhaps leads to the match that everyone wants to see. Since having his fingers broken by Aspen Faith as he was inches away from the Tri-Counties Championship, Dynamite has been on a quest and that quest may come to a head at our next event in Huntly. Faith better be ready for the challenge of “Fully Loaded” ZD; one that he has not faced in singles action for a very long time!

As for William and Alan, they might have taken out Mikkey Vago but Chris Archer has found a replacement in Bryan Tucker. And while the champions got the upper hand in a six-man tag team bout at Halloween Hijinx, a looming title challenge in Arbroath is the perfect way to continue this rivalry.

With Tucker’s experience in the tag team ranks, we think he and Archer have a great chance of winding up as champions. However, it was the edge of Crusher Craib in this match that tipped the balance, and the “Creator of Carnage” may be on course for a confrontation with Johnny Lions after they tangled up here. Watch this space!

Scottish pride proves costly!

Another rivalry that has been burning stems between Mr. P and Nathan North, and their first encounter at Kincorth settled nothing between the pair! Indeed, it was the quick-thinking of Jeeves Winchester that got his man the victory here, using Mr. P’s own flag to assist “Vintage” North with a quick pin!

Mr. P was furious after this contest and clearly does not see this issue settled. We will see what solution management comes-up with given that Jeeves was a deciding factor in this contest.

And finally…

Our Halloween Hijinx event allows fans of all ages to dress-up and congratulations to the “Headless Boy” and Mini Brock Lesnar who took home the prizes! We’ll leave you with this image of the fans with Johnny Lions and Bryan Tucker and we look forward to seeing you as WrestleZone end the year in style!