Christmas Chaos 2017

The final fight night of 2017 would see the stars of WrestleZone return to Danestone Community Centre for a night of Yuletide kicks as Christmas Chaos rounded off the year in style!

Three championship matches, the debut of Kasey Owens and the return of “Red-Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift awaited our biggest ever crowd at the Aberdeen venue – and the fans were treated to an amped night of pro-wrestling action.

And while WrestleZone management were keen to settle all issues, it appears that there will be a New Year hangover as the excitement reached fever pitch this past Saturday night. Our web team were ringside for the event, and here is their recap of an action-packed night of pro-wrestling ending the year on a high note!

1: The return of a fan hero

The main talking point coming out of Christmas Chaos is the return of the “Red-Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift. However, fans were made to wait but by the time the fan favourite was through, he had certainly left his impression on Crusher Craib and Sterling Oil.

The night’s main event would see a grudge match for the Undisputed Championship, Damien defending against the “Creator of Carnage” who has looked unstoppable since his return to action in September.

However, “The Revolutionary” is thriving as the man to beat again and he matched Crusher toe-to-toe here, causing the monster no-end of problems here!

Crusher shocked fans in attendance by twice kicking out of Damien’s finishing move – but as the action spilled out to the floor, the fists came flying in and in the end Damien was counted out! But the action wasn’t finished as Sterling Oil came out to deliver a message to the champion, looking to replicate what they had did to Scotty Swift in September!

However, saving the day was a team of Santa Clauses, making their way to the ring to cause a distraction! However, Richard R. Russell ordered his men to attack and the Santa’s were sent flying. From there, one was dragged into the ring after crawling underneath to escape the monstrous Crusher Craib.

However, the Santa not only had a red suit – he had red hair! Scotty Swift then went to work on William and Alan Sterling, before reigning down punches on Craib before the monster could escape. Craib was pulled backstage by his team mates, enraged at the re-emergence of Swift!

This was the perfect Christmas treat for our loyal WrestleZone fans, and while Swift looked focused in his attack on Crusher Craib, he now has six weeks to prove he is ready to step back inside the ring.

For Damien, he ends the year as the man to beat and while 2017 may have been a remarkable year, we look forward to seeing what’s in the future for the “Revolutionary”.

2: Change in the Tag Division

While things did not go well for Crusher Craib, they certainly did not for the Sterling Brothers. William and Alan were forced to defend against former champs The Rejected in our annual Xmas Brawl, and the unique nature of this match played to Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago’s style.

Indeed, The Rejected attacked William and Alan as they emerged through the curtain, and the pace did not settle down! The use of Xmas items was legal here, and both teams took full advantage using blow-up Santa’s, sledges, Christmas trees and baubles to batter each other!

But it was the introduction of steel chairs that picked this up a notch, with all four men tasting the steel! However, Archer was able to drop William Sterling and send him tumbling to the floor as Mikkey Vago and Alan Sterling vied for supremacy.

Sterling took the unusual step of going to the top rope, but he was caught by the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” and thrown through the steel – a sickening crunch was followed by a one, two, three count and NEW champions were indeed crowned!

The return of Mikkey Vago has seen the establishment of the Rejected as the team to beat once more, and Sterling Oil end another year without hold over any of the championships in WrestleZone – something the fans wholeheartedly support!

3: And the rest...

We look set for a rematch for the Tri-Counties Championship after Zach Dynamite successfully defended at Christmas Chaos. In the fatal four-way bout, ZD pinned Lou King Sharp to retain the title with “King of Catch” Aspen Faith just narrowly missing out in the Fatal Four-way bout.

While former Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson continued his rich run of form since losing the gold, defeating Bradley Evans after capitalising on Andy Wild’s hard work to score the victory in the night’s Triple Threat match.

WrestleZone debutant Kasey Owens looked in tremendous form as she battled “Queen of the WrestleZone” Sammii Jayne in a pulsating singles clash, both women throwing their best at each other. In the end, it was Sammii who picked up the victory after a vicious Tiger Bomb in a hotly-contested content.

Finally, Mr. P would usurp Nathan North by making Jeeves Winchester tap-out to the sharpshooter, comfortably winning the two-on-one contest after “Vintage” North and his assistant had attempted to cheat Mr. P.

It’s been a great year in the WrestleZone and this was an excellent way to close the action. We are very thankful for the support of our fans and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas. 2018 marks our 10-year anniversary and we are looking forward to following what transpires – we hope you are too! See you at ringside at Summerhill Showdown.


Tri-Counties Title: Zach Dynamite def. Lou King Sharp, Aspen Faith & Bryan Tucker

Handicap Match: Mr. P def. Nathan North & Jeeves Winchester

Xmas Brawl for Tag Titles: The Rejected def Sterling Brothers to win the titles

Sammii Jayne def. Kasey Owens

Shawn Johnson def. Bradley Evans & Andy Wild

WZ Title: Crusher Craib def. Damien by count-out.