Live! in Newtonhill

Saturday 4th March 2017

Photography by Brian Battensby

The final stop on the road to the Regal Rumble took place in Newtonhill this past Saturday night as the WrestleZone grapplers made their final push ahead of March’s showpiece event.

The event at the Bettridge Centre attracted an enthusiastic crowd who lapped-up the action pitting the potential main eventers of Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 in the spotlight.

But while the Rumble contest looms large, it was the immediate fate of the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship which came to the fore as challengers Scotty Swift and Andy Wild embarked on mind games in the Mearns!

It all started in the night’s opening match as “Unstoppable” Andy Wild looked to seal a place in the Tri-Counties Championship Tournament semi-final. However the man standing in his way was Bryan Tucker, who had the support of the fans in this contest.

The Englishman used his superior size and strength to his advantage but the step-change from Tucker has worked wonders this far! However, Wild looked on course to setup a Semi-Final showdown with Zach Dynamite as he looked for the Doctor Bomb!

However, from the back emerged great rival Scotty Swift, taking umbrage at some of Wild’s antics in winding up the fans. Swift was held back by management as Wild’s attention was taken away, and when he turned back to Tucker, he missed with a wild swing and Bryan scored an unlikely victory with the Crucifix Pin!

Wild had been outsmarted by the “Red-Haired Warrior” and was left furious after his elimination from the tournament. A surprise but welcome victory for Tucker, which puts him into the final four alongside Zach Dynamite, Aspen Faith and Bingo Ballance.

However we had not seen the last of Andy Wild! The night’s main event was a huge six-man tag team match pitting Swift and friends Johnny Lions and Jimbo Bannon against Shawn Johnson, Damien and Marcus North.

With Richard R. Russell barking orders, his troops did not fare well early with North’s cockiness getting in the way of any real headway! Jimbo Bannon also showed what he could do, renewing a rivalry with Damien that lingers to this day.

Johnny Lions meanwhile marked his return to action with a return to form; dumping Shawn Johnson in a brief exchange of old rivals!

But with Scotty Swift honing-in on victory with Shawn Johnson, “Unstoppable” Wild would return to ringside and look to get involved. Held back by security, Wild’s antics were enough to cause a distraction as Swift turned right into an STO and a pinfall victory for Shawn Johnson and team!

Swift was furious at the end of Newtonhill – both men will now get to take-out their frustrations on each other at the Regal Rumble, where there will be no rules and we will crown a NEW Undisputed Champion.

Tag Team rivalry erupts!

A win in the main event for Sterling Oil, but the real prize on offer for Richard R. Russell at Newtonhill was the tag team titles as William and Alan cashed-in their rematch clause against champs The Rejected!

No love was lost as this one got off to a hot start, Mikkey Vago and Chris Archer combining to down both William and Alan! With Richard R. Russell screaming for control, the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” was baited to the outside and from there, the record-setting former champs took over!

They battered Vago with the number’s game again swinging the bout in their favour. But with hope fading, Vago caught a break and a tag to the “Outcast” would see Archer unleash his best on a prone Alan Sterling.

Indeed, Archer looked great here in downing both his opponents and sensed the moment of victory was here as he climbed to the top rope. However, Russell knew that the match was slipping away and caused a deliberate disqualification as he low-blowed Archer before he could fly from the top!

The referee called for the bell and that was enough to spring William and Alan into action as they delivered a pair of Oil Crashes to the tag team champions; their automatic rematch now gone but sending a message that will surely see them back in the title picture very soon…

Grudge Match

Speaking of violence, it was a battle of wills as former tag team champions Mr. P and Kaden Garrick met in singles competition in Newtonhill, having failed to find a winner at Summerhill Showdown.

And much like January’s contest, this one erupted from the start with the action spilling throughout the Bettridge Centre. Mr. P had the support of the fans in his pocket as he hammered Kaden with punches, kicks and stomps – some measure of revenge for being dumped at last year’s Christmas Chaos.

Their friendship clearly now a thing of the past, Mr. P was intent on victory here but had to fight from underneath an onslaught from Garrick, who is adjusting to life back in singles action by being nastier than ever!

But Paterson tried his best to stick by the rules and looked to have victory after running Garrick into the corner and using the Pat O’Connor roll! However, Garrick was able to continue the momentum and ended up pinning Mr. P, thanks to a handful of tights!

The fans did not like the outcome of this match as Kaden cheated to win! But it was out with the view of the referee and despite Mr. P’s protests, the record books shows the maiden victory will forever lie with Kaden Garrick. What next for Mr. P!?

Sammii and Debbie duel!

This year’s event in Newtonhill also marked the return of women’s wrestling with Debbie Sharp looking to gain revenge, having been injured at the hands of Sammii Jayne last year. The opening minutes of this contest would see Debbie outfox the “Queen of Catch” but as soon as the action wore down, it was Sammii in control.

She looked to make her advantage count with some brutal strikes that left Debbie in considerable pain. But with the fans willing her own, Debbie made a valiant attempt to restore an advantage, and turned to her trusty feet to get the job done! In total, she hit five various superkicks that had Sammii licking her wounds!

But it wasn’t quite enough to get it done, and having had her arm worked on the whole match, once Debbie was caught in the submission hold once more, it gave our friend no option but to submit and hand Sammii the victory!

So, while the “Queen” had scored the win, the “King of Catch” Aspen Faith had no troubles to seek as he battled fan favourites Zach Dynamite and Jason Reed in Triple Threat action.

Before Dynamite could even make it to the ring, Faith would begin fighting with Reed on the outside, with Dynamite soon joining the action. The kicks, flips and tricks would come thick-and-fast as all three men tried their best to score the victory.

A Tower of Doom looked like scoring Aspen the victory only for Dynamite to counter and he almost pinned Reed himself! However, the “King of Catch” would get a second bite of the cherry and having dumped Dynamite from the ring, Reed was caught with the Tombstone Piledriver for the victory!

With the Regal Rumble looming, Aspen and Sammii certainly made their future intentions clear with victories in Newtonhill.

And with that we are ready for the Regal Rumble after a very eventful night in Newtonhill. The cards are in place for another huge event with the Bettridge Centre getting a small preview of what is to come in our annual 20-man rumble bout; the biggest of the year! We hope to see you at ringside in two weeks!