Regal Rumble 2017

The biggest bout of the year was the star attraction as WrestleZone returned to the Northern Hotel this past Saturday night. A packed crowd was on hand for the night’s action featuring an Undisputed Championship bout as well as the 8th Annual Regal Rumble bout.

Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 would take shape at the event as the WrestleZone grapplers battled to secure an Undisputed Championship shot at the Beach Ballroom this June. The showpiece event continues to be a huge crowd-puller and 20-men would enter looking for the top prize on offer.

At minute intervals, the 20 entrants each took their bow and the bodies tumbled over-and-over. Key eliminations were the entrants in the night’s earlier Tri-Counties Championship semi-finals, taking each other out. Grado has proved to be a contender as he dumped out William Sterling, while The Rejected and Alan Sterling tangled again. Mr. P scuppered Kaden Garrick’s plan for victory, dumping his former tag team partner over the top rope in record time!

But in the end, the bout came down to the final four of Shawn Johnson, Damien, Grado and Mr. P. With numbers on their side, Richard R. Russell held his hands in glee as the fight broke out, Damien and Shawn Johnson working together to try and dump the fan favourites.

But Johnson and Damien were lucky to escape elimination as matters spilled to the ring apron; but eventually the action returned to the ring. Grado was in form hitting his Roll N Slice on both Sterling Oil members, and he combined with Mr. P to eliminate Damien, Shawn Johnson choosing against saving his Sterling Oil friend!

Johnson instead decided to dump Mr. P out of the bout soon after, leaving him with Grado as the final two. It was clear who the Northern Hotel fans wanted to win – and they cheered on the Stevenson funnyman with gusto. Grado and Johnson exchanged punches with both men coming close to winning it all!

Johnson found himself tangled in the ropes and Grado sensing victory, charged at him. However, Johnson was able to move and send Grado tumbling out to the floor and secure victory!

While the majority of the fans did not like this result, there can be no denying that Shawn Johnson has earned his way to the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy. By any means necessary, he entered this match backed-up by his Sterling Oil team mates and that paid off big time!

Johnson was carried aloft by his Sterling Oil brothers, a hero born on this fateful night. Johnson was recruited to Sterling Oil to deliver successful nights like this, and he might have just come good for Richard R. Russell.

Shawn adds his name to the royal list of Regal Rumble winners and he will now want to follow in the footsteps of Crusher Craib, Jack Jester and Scotty Swift – and go on to Aberdeen Anarchy and win the top prize!!!

NEW Undisputed Champion crowned

At the Rumble event, the next Undisputed Champion and the man to face Shawn Johnson at the Beach Ballroom was decided as Scotty Swift and Andy Wild tussled for the vacant top prize in a no disqualification bout.

Eyes were fixed on the action as “Unstoppable” Wild jumped Swift before the bell, with the rulebook thrown out the window for this war to settle the score! The intense brawl captured the imagination of fans, with hard hitting action bringing shrieks of pain from both men.

When the action returned to the ring, there was no let-up in the “no holds barred” mantra! There was a shocking incident as Wild attacked referee Jack Macgregor, with additional officials needed to keep an eye on this contest! He then took Jack’s belt from his lifeless body and whipped Scotty three times, each time eliciting a stronger reaction from the Northern Hotel faithful.

Having seen Jack take a beating for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, head official Dennis Law was in no messing mood and made sure Wild knew about it as he brought two chairs into the ring!

This marked a great turnaround in proceedings as Swift began to fight back against Wild – sending him crashing into the chairs with the Alabama Slam! That was not quite enough to score the win, but did turn the tide.

Swift rallied and would continue to bring the fight back to Wild, with the former Undisputed Champions doing everything to win! But Wild was able to stop a second Granite City Driver, and instead threw the “Red Haired Warrior” into the turnbuckle that was propped up with the steel chair! Ouch.

But still, Swift’s fighting spirit came through, and it was with one last burst of energy that he was able to hoist Wild up on his shoulders, and drill him with the Granite City Driver on top of the steel chairs for the winning pinfall!

Scotty Swift is now a two-time Undisputed Champion but he went through the toughest match of his career to win the gold! The fans loved this as Scotty once again proved that he is the man to beat in WrestleZone.

Tri-Counties controversy

Saturday’s event would also play host to the semi-finals of our Tri-Counties Championship tournament, with both Aspen Faith v Bingo Ballance and Bryan Tucker v Zach Dynamite on the bill.

In the opening contest, the “King of Catch” battled the “Zenith of Zero G” in a fast-paced, high-octane encounter. Ballance is a master of innovative offence and made a beeline here to end this early; hitting the G17 but no joy with the three-count.

Faith too hit some of his greatest hits, but all to no avail. He even missed a moonsault and Ballance came close with his springboard legdrop. With the 10-minute time limit running out, Faith tried for a second Tombstone Piledriver but Ballance slipped out and caught a roll-up but only for a two count. And as the time ran-out, fans were disappointed that no winner was declared here!

The rules of the tournament stipulate that in the event of a draw, both contenders are eliminated from the tournament. After a short break, management decided that Bryan Tucker V Zach Dynamite would now be contested as the final of the tournament.

The stakes had been upped but Zach and Bryan engaged in a sportsmanlike contest, both grapplers looking to become the inaugural champion. Bryan kept trying for the Twist of Fate and would eventually nail it, however Dynamite tumbled to the floor.

After bundling his body back into the ring, Dynamite used the time to recover and hit the Flying Knee for a near fall. Both men would then trade strikes as we hurtled towards the time limit, only for Aspen Faith to interrupt the action and nail both competitors, causing a double disqualification.

Bingo Ballance would return to fend off Aspen’s attentions, but as Zach and Tucker regained their senses, a sense of confusion reigned as to who had attacked them!

The action would lead into the night’s Regal Rumble with all four men eliminating each other and ensuing in a brawl at ringside. Management have quite the question to answer as to how the future of the Tri-Counties Tournament will be settled given both semi-finals were inconclusive. We expect to hear from them very soon about a future plan of action…

10-Man Spectacle

The final bout on the card featured an enormous 10-man tag team spectacle, highlighted by a massive multi-man jawbreaker that rocked the foundations of the Northern Hotel. In the end, Grado would hit the Grado cutter for the victory that the fans absolutely loved.

However, the outstanding issue of this match appears to be Lou King Sharp’s insistence that he gets an answer from Hornswoggle on his challenge for Aberdeen Anarchy. We are yet to hear from the former WWE star, but we expect movement soon that may see your mother’s favourite wrestler get what he wants.

And so that ends another spectacular Regal Rumble event in front of an electric crowd at the Aberdeen Northern Hotel. The course to Aberdeen Anarchy is now set and we hope you can join us on the road to the Beach Ballroom – first stop Fraserburgh in under three weeks time!