Live! in Fraserburgh

Saturday 8th April 2017

The fall-out from the Regal Rumble would see the WrestleZone grapplers return to the Dalrymple Hall as the journey to Aberdeen Anarchy began in earnest…

Following his gutsy victory at the Regal Rumble, new Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift would be in action against his challenger at this year’s Beach Ballroom supershow, Shawn Johnson. Both grapplers would be on opposing sides of a six-man tag team main event that the fans could not wait for.

On one side, Shawn Johnson would have Sterling Oil alumni William Sterling and Damien by his side as he attempted to gain early traction against the “Red-Haired Warrior” – but Swift too had back-up in the form of current tag team champions The Rejected!

The action came thick-and-fast as a huge brawl erupted to begin proceedings, chaos engulfing the WrestleZone once more! Bodies flew around the ring as Swift, Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago took the fight to Richard R. Russell’s troops.

But when the action settled down, Oil made the numbers game work in isolating Chris Archer from his cornermen. From there, Johnson, Damien and William went to town on the “Outcast” and ensured there would be no high-flying antics that night!

But in desperation, Archer was able to tag-in Mikkey Vago, and the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” came in swinging against both Johnson and Damien. In fine form, he looked to seal the deal but was caught short by Damien who nailed him with the Codebreaker.

With Scotty Swift involved in a brawl at ringside with Johnson, William Sterling called for the tag and scored the victory over his tag team rival – adding in salt into the wounds of the fallen doubles champs. Sterling Oil retreated, Richard R. Russell finally seeing some light after months of pain!

Tri-Counties contenders line-up

With the news that the semi-finals of the Tri-Counties Championship tournament are to be replayed at Westhill, all eyes turned towards how three of our four semi-finalists would do when we returned to action at the Dalrymple Hall.

By some form of coincidence, two of the semi-finalists would meet as Aspen Faith and Bryan Tucker brought the wrestling action in Fraserburgh, the “King of Catch” having conspired to interrupt the impromptu final at the Regal Rumble.

With Tucker out to score his first victory EVER over Faith, the stakes were pretty high here and both these men played their best cards. Tucker almost won with the Kneelift Neckbreaker, while Faith’s snap German Suplex was not quite enough! But in the end, a Powerbomb with a bridge was enough to see Faith score the victory and maintain his 100% singles record over Tucker heading into our semi-final matches at the Ashdale Hall in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Zach Dynamite was also in action taking on Lord Mr. Malice in a singles contest. Accompanied by Jeeves Winchester, Malice made a regal entrance to little fanfare, but he was focussed on making “Fully Loaded” fizzle out!

Hitting his Gatecrasher Powerslam was not quote enough to get the job done, and when the time was right Dynamite rallied and hit the Flying Knee strike for the pinfall victory and taking the momentum into his semi-final bout at Westhill.

Mr. P and Garrick fight again!

The rivalry was intense as former tag team champions Mr. P and Kaden Garrick collided in Fraserburgh, Paterson having burst Garrick’s bubble by eliminating him from the Regal Rumble as Garrick entered last at number 20.

These two brought everything they had to this match – slugging it out in a true battle of former friends. But in the end, it was Mr. P who finally scored a pinfall victory over Garrick, hitting a superb axe kick to settle the score with his former partner.

Mr. P was clearly a relieved man as he celebrated with his fans, and will now be hoping to put this sorry episode behind him and focus on the road to Aberdeen Anarchy.

Training School partners collide

Having both recently graduated onto the main roster, the WrestleZone Training Academy has been buzzing about the rivalry between “Vintage” Marcus North and Bradley Evans. Having trained together for the best part of two years, both men now find themselves a part of the bustling wrestling scene but North it seems has taken exception!

These two would meet in the Dalrymple Hall keen to settle the score between them. A short physical contest was highlighted by North trying to use the ropes for leverage on a pinfall, only for referee Dennis Law to spot the infringement.

North, instead of getting on with the bout, chose instead to argue the point, allowing Evans enough time to hook on the Full Nelson slam that was enough to gain him an impressive victory!

Bannon bags a win!

Our final contest in Fraserburgh would see the 2017 debut of the Super Executioner, as he took on Jimbo Bannon in singles competition. And while our masked friend did all he could to rile up the fans, Bannon was a cool customer.

Despite a brief period on the downside, Bannon would counter Executioner’s best strikes and took him down to the ground, finishing him off with the Lebell Lock for the submission win!

The fans enjoyed this bout as Bannon proved to be quite the commodity, spoiling Executioner’s plans for this year!

And so another successful trip up north for the WrestleZone stars, who now look forward to our next event in Westhill on Saturday 22nd April. We hope to see you at ringside for that huge event as Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 takes shape.