Live! in Inverurie

Photography by Brian Battensby

Fans flocked to the Inverurie Town Hall this past Saturday night as WrestleZone presented a very special Fan Appreciation Night! As well as being able to choose the stipulations for matches, fans also got the opportunity for a very special pre-show meet-and-greet with WrestleZone grapplers Scotty Swift, The Rejected, Mr. P, Bradley Evans, Blue Thunder and Bryan Tucker.

It was a fun environment and the fans were certainly ready for the action as host Martyn Clunes made his way to the ring for the action.

With six huge matches and Aberdeen Anarchy now less than 50 days away, tensions were high as the grapplers manoeuvre for position ahead of the summer supershow.

The destiny of the Undisputed Championship was once again at the fore ahead of this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy main event! Current title-holder Scotty Swift was first-up in Inverurie, taking on the Super Executioner in a Blindfold match!

Both men were hooded for this contest in a rematch from last year’s Proving Grounds event. However, it did not take long for Executioner to bend the rules, removing the blindfold out with the view of the referee and taking full advantage!

However, as the action spilled from the ring it was the “Red-Haired Warrior” who made the most of the opportunity. With Swift knowing victory would come inside the ring, he tried to lift Executioner inside only for the Masked Mauler to get caught up in the ring apron!

Swift was disorientated but as he made his own attempts to get back inside the ring, his future Undisputed Championship challenger Shawn Johnson would emerge from backstage and would strike Swift with a walking cane, surely given to him by Richard R. Russell. Three times, Johnson rammed the cane into Swift’s head leaving him lifeless!

Throwing the “Red-Haired Warrior” back into the ring, Johnson would smirk as Super Executioner made the cover for the one, two and three! Remarkable! Swift fell at the feet of the Super Executioner and the mad man sure made everyone know about it!

However, there was to be payback ahead of the night’s main event; Shawn Johnson scheduled to team with Sterling Oil running mates Damien and Alan Sterling to take-on the Rejected and Mr. P. Ahead of the bell, Scotty Swift would emerge from the back and pick off Johnson, beating him down before being shuffled backstage!

A measure of revenge, but how would it affect the main event? With WrestleZone management bowing to fans request, this match was turned into a Tornado Tag Team match where all six men would be in the ring at one time!

This led to a chaotic affair which saw the action come thick-and-fast. Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago, the tag team champions, busted out some great offence while Mr. P showed the guts and desire that have made him a firm fan favourite.

But the Sterling Oil trio have the upper hand at the moment, and it was through this that they looked to profit! But with the bodies stacking-up in the corner, it was Mr. P and Mikkey Vago who would profit as they sent their opponents crashing!

Chris Archer followed-up with a spectacular moonsault, but Alan Sterling hung in the bout! However, with the bodies falling, referee Dennis Law was caught in the action and took a tumble after a shove from Sterling!

Alan would look to drill with his DDT having already taken Archer out of the game, however the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” countered and hit the Headbanger! It was surely over but the referee was still out cold! Needing someone to make the pin, Vago called in our special timekeeper, raffle winner Jack, to make the winning fall and celebrate with his favourites!

Having lost the last two six-man main events, this was a sweet measure of revenge for The Rejected who continue to stand tall in the tag team division. For Sterling Oil, the Tornado Tag Team rules backfired as they were not able to cultivate their usual manipulation.

A lesson learned for Richard R. Russell and co, but what is sure with Aberdeen Anarchy on the horizon, these six men are going to be a huge part of that extravaganza!

Table for two?

Our opening contest, as voted for by the fans, would see Blue Thunder return to action on “Fan Appreciation Night” to battle the “King of Catch” Aspen Faith. Two men with a long history of hurting each other, the added mix that the bout could only end when someone tasted the wood!

The opening minutes were a cagey affair, with both men looking for the upper hand. With the table introduced into the action, there was added potential for hurt with the table used as a weapon by both grapplers. However, Sammii-Jayne could help Faith avoid going through the table, and she was quickly exited from the ring as Thunder looked to remove any obstacles to victory.

At one stage the action spilled out to our merchandise stall, and as the “Masked Wonder” looked to deposit Faith through the table, officials made clear that the match must end in the ring!

And so back in the ring the table was set-up and waiting; both men narrowly avoiding a sudden meeting with the wood. Thunder rallied the troops and went to the top rope, looking for his swinging suplex. However, as Thunder landed, Faith braced himself, and in one motion scooped up Thunder and drilled him through the table for the victory!

While fans enjoyed the action, they certainly did not enjoy the result! But the “King of Catch” remains on a rich run of form and together with Sammii-Jayne, they are proving to be quite the pairing.

Kiss My Foot

Our second fan voting match would see Bryan Tucker and Lord Mr. Malice engage in a “Kiss My Foot” match. Malice’s training for this match, as we saw in the pre-match hype, was to bath his foot in a cat litter tray. And from the opening, it was clear that a stench was off-putting to Tucker who had the misfortunate of walking into a mist of fly spray, Jeeves Winchester trying to keep the flies away from Malice’s stinking trotter.

Malice took the advantage and made a beeline for victory, but having removed his sock, he reluctantly put it on his hand looking for a Mr. Socko claw of a manky kind! Fortunately for Tucker, he was able to counter and instead deposited the stinking sock in Malice’s mouth, taking him to the ground and then sticking it to Jeeves for good measure!

Tucker had understandable had enough and nailed his bulldog for a near fall! Setting up for the Twist of Fate, Malice instead knocked Tucker down and looked to go to the second rope, however he winced in pain having stubbed his tow on the way up!

Coming back down to earth, Malice was drilled with the Twist of Fate that gained Tucker the win! However, all was not lost, as Malice and Jeeves combined to attack Tucker as he looked to take off his boot!

With Malice in a haze, he ordered Jeeves to make Tucker kiss his foot, only for the fan favourite to instead send Jeeves into the dirty digit – and Malice realising what had occurred sent him tumbling for the ring! As Tucker celebrated the victory, Malice and Jeeves retreated, their plan foiled once more!

Zach’s got guts!

Our next contest would focus on Zach Dynamite’s bout with Andy Wild – a first time ever treat for our great fans in Inverurie. With the fans in the Englishman’s ears, how would things fare for “Fully Loaded”?

His opening flurry failed to take the big grappler down, Zach realising his regular offence might not be the trick to take down the former Undisputed Champion. Indeed, Zach took ugly spill after ugly spill and Wild relished the moment!

There were brief signs of life that were almost ended as Wild tossed Dynamite with an overhead belly-to-belly on the floor. Dragging his lifeless body back to the ring, somehow Zach kicked out!

Wild sensing problems again tried to shut down the gutsy kid, but he just kept coming back with whatever he could throw at Wild! In a lucky break, Zach found himself on the top rope and managed to fend off Wild’s attention, leaving him prone on the canvas.

A beautiful frogsplash followed for a close near fall, not quite enough to get the job done! As Dynamite set-up in the corner for his knee, Wild was able to move and send Dynamite crashing into the corner. He then followed it up with the Doctor Bomb to score the victory and end Dynamite’s hopes for the night! With the same move in the same building where he won the Undisputed crown, Wild once again took a step to the top!

Home town grapplers clash

One of the biggest talked-about matches was a clash of former friends, former training partners as Bradley Evans and Nathan North faced-off in a WrestleZone Training Academy showcase bout. These two know each other inside out and with Evans having picked-up the victory in their one previous meeting, could North get back on an even Kiel and prove his worth?

Nathan certainly has not made any friends with his claim to be “Vintage” – big words for a man of little experience. Conversely, Bradley Evans seems like a hard-working guy, and he showed glimpses of what he is capable of in the opening exchanges.

The fans certainly enjoyed this contest and it is clear that Nathan let his arrogance get the better of him here. Two great prospects emerging from the WrestleZone Training Academy and fans in Inverurie got a glimpse of what is to come!But North turned matters vicious and did all he could to subdue the momentum of his former pal. Highlights followed with North continuing to antagonise the crowd! However North looked to have the match in the bag as he told Evans to “follow the North star” and perhaps that was fitting as instead it was Nathan who ended up going up in the air, as Evans hit a massive Full Nelson Slam for the three-count and victory in his hometown.

And so, Fan Appreciation Night came to an end following a great night of action at the Inverurie Town Hall. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this great event – we really value your support. We have one more big event before Aberdeen Anarchy, taking place on Saturday 13th May in Stonehaven – we hope you can join us for the last stop on the road to the Beach Ballroom!