Live! in Stonehaven

Photography by Brian Battensby

The final stop on the road to Aberdeen Anarchy took place this past Saturday night in front of a packed audience at Stonehaven Town Hall! A fun night was in store for fans with the shape of our Beach Ballroom supershow more defined after a tumultuous night of grappling in the Mearns!

With the main event of this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy already in sight, a traditional tag team match would see both Scotty Swift and Shawn Johnson look to have the final say heading into next month’s Undisputed Championship clash.

And while the “Red-Haired Warrior” opted for hometown spirit in the form of Stonehaven’s Mr. P, Shawn Johnson and Sterling Oil had an ace to play in the form of Kid Fite – the legendary Scottish wrestler returning North for the first time in seven years!

From the minute this tag team contest got underway, it was clear both sides were looking for the edge. And while Mr. P entertained his hometown fans, the serious business of championships was not too far away as Johnson and Swift clashed just five weeks ahead of their Beach Ballroom showdown.

Under the bright lights at the Town Hall, all eyes were transfixed on the action as the chess game played out. Mr. P and Swift took an early advantage, only for Mr. P to under the cosh as Kid Fite showed his fearsome reputation. But in a flash, it was the champion in as he reigned down on Shawn Johnson, with the number one contender ducking for cover.

The action spilled onto the floor and eventually backstage, with Swift and Johnson losing their cool in the heat of the moment. In the ensuing melee, it was Kid Fite who used his superior experience in feigning injury. While the referee attended to him, Andy Wild would appear to cost Mr. P the match in his hometown!

The victorious Kid Fite and “Unstoppable” Andy Wild stood tall – and ahead of Aberdeen Anarchy, the former Undisputed Champion summoned Mr. P to get some backup for the Beach Ballroom!

This was clearly some payback for earlier in the night after Mr. P had cost Andy Wild the victory against Mikkey Vago. The “Heavy Metal Hooligan” had done really well to stay in the match after suffering at the hands of Wild’s vicious slams and suplexes.

And when the time was right, Vago would capitalise and scoop up a distraught Wild for the three-count and a surprise win that infuriated the Englishman. After Stonehaven, it is clear WrestleZone management have a job on their hands trying to contain this rivalry between two of the biggest personalities in the promotion.

Damien strikes out!

While matters for his Sterling Oil brothers appear to be moving to conclusion, the future for Damien remains uncertain. However in Stonehaven, the “Revolutionary” caused a stir after his Triple Threat bout with Johnny Lions and Nathan North.

A great encounter between the three would see North once again get too big for his boots, tasting the Lion Cutter for the three-count! The bell was rung by Evening Express reporter Sean Wallace – a special guest at ringside for all his support of WrestleZone.

But one man was not happy with his presence at ringside – and Damien would shove the shocked reported in the chest! Johnny Lions attempted to come to the sports journalist’s aide and management had to separate the warring former tag team partners as the intensity heightened.

WrestleZone management will not be pleased with Damien’s behaviour here and have apologised to Sean for any distress caused. It was a cowardly act that fits Damien’s personality, but there was certainly no need to lash out against one of WrestleZone’s biggest supporters.

Tag Title challenge?

With Aberdeen Anarchy just five weeks away, the future destiny of the tag team championships are now in focus after Richard R. Russell made clear he wants it to be The Rejected vs. Sterling Oil at the Beach Ballroom.

In the night’s opening contest, William and Alan proved why they have dominated the division for so many years in gaining the victory over rising stars Bradley Evans and Jason Reed. The duo impressed here before Reed eventually succumbed to the Oil Crash – a move that no-one has ever kicked-out from.

But the post-match words of Richard R. Russell will be those echoing amongst the fans, with the question being whether Sterling Oil deserve a tag team title opportunity? Whether they deserve it or not, they did much to antagonise Chris Archer as they cost “the Outcast” the victory in his match with Lou King Sharp.

“Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler” was back in town and in fine form, still waiting to here whether he will face former WWE star Hornswoggle at the Beach Ballroom. LKS was out to impress and will be delighted to head back to Glasgow with the victory, Alan Sterling having struck Archer with his own metal chain after William distracted the referee!

The stakes have certainly been raised and we wait to find out if The Rejected will defend the gold?

Triple Threat ANARCHY!

The quest to crown the first-ever Tri-Counties champion is almost over, but ahead of the Beach Ballroom ladder match, three of the four participants were in action in Stonehaven in a topsy-turvy Triple Threat contest.

Bryan Tucker, Zach Dynamite and Aspen Faith are set for chaos at Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 and we got a little taste of what’s to come as these three has a spectacular contest in which they risked their own health in the name of momentum.

With the “King of Catch” accompanied by his Queen Sammii-Jayne, he used the natural advantage as the disqualification rules are waived in a match of this nature. With Sammii keeping Dynamite down, Faith worked over Tucker but made a mistake that allowed the former Undisputed Champion back into the match.

With “Fully Loaded” joining in the action, these three threw everything at each other, going high-risk to grab the momentum heading into the Ladder match at Aberdeen Anarchy. But the bragging rights would go to Tucker after he capitalised in dumping Dynamite and Faith in the Tower of Doom, and bridged over to gain the three-count on Faith and leave both he and Dynamite shocked!

While Dynamite and Faith have never held gold, Tucker is looking to complete his collection by becoming the first-ever Tri counties Champion at Aberdeen Anarchy. Dynamite and Faith – not to mention the returning Bingo Ballance – will have a lot to say in that when the action resumes on June 17th.

And so the course is set! Our annual event in Stonehaven is always a treat and the WrestleZone grapplers certainly delivered this past Saturday night. Eyes now are fixed on Aberdeen Anarchy and our huge supershow at the Beach Ballroom, with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, Hornswoggle, Melina, Grado, Sha Samuels and more added into the mix.

We hope you can join us there when this year’s supershow promises to be spectacular. All the information is available on the front page of the website.