Live! in Ellon

WrestleZone Live in Ellon - Saturday 1st July 2017

Zach Dynamite, Blue Thunder & Bryan Tucker def. Sterling Oil & Damien

Johnny Lions def. Super Executioner

Tri-Counties Title: Aspen Faith def. Bradley Evans

Tag Titles: The Rejected def. Nathan North & Andy Wild

Lord Mr. Malice def. Scotty Swift

Undisputed Title: Shawn Johnson def. Mr. P

The fall-out from Aberdeen Anarchy took the stars of WrestleZone to the Victoria Hall in Ellon this past Saturday night, and fans were left with more questions than answers at the end of a pulsating night of action.

With all the WrestleZone gold on the line, our champions faced a tough night ahead with Shawn Johnson, Aspen Faith and The Rejected vowing to remain in top of their respective divisions.

Now that the dust has settled, our web team will look back on the three things we learned from Saturday’s top night of action!

  • 1-Shawn Johnson has the heavies behind him!

Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson had a scare in Ellon as the title was almost taken away from him with challenger Mr. P coming up trumps! Johnson was battling tough in his first defence as champion with stablemate Damien at ringside, Richard R. Russell apparently taking time to recuperate following his Beach Ballroom humiliation.

However the substitute strategist did not do his job well as he was drawn into the line of fire and almost threatened to throw the match away for Johnson! However, the quick-thinking champion adjusted his strategy and instead used Damien as cannon fodder as he looked to get out of dodge; giving him enough time to nail a cracking knee to the face for the victory!

Johnson was undoubtedly lucky here, and it almost went so wrong for Sterling Oil! With Damien also having been pinned in the night’s opening six-man tag team match, the absent Richard R. Russell will need to think quick if he is to get Damien back to the form he needs him in. But Shawn Johnson is through his first defence, almost unscathed and that is a scary prospect with the back-up he has behind him.

  • 2-Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift are on a collision course

The “Red-Haired Warrior” returned to action against Lord Mr. Malice, and the former Undisputed Champion looked a focussed competitor in his first public appearance since Aberdeen Anarchy. Swift was in a jovial mood as he took the fight to Malice, and looked like he had the win in the bag until Jeeves Winchester got involved! This led to a melee in which Crusher Craib would strike – big booting Swift and leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.

And while the results book will show Malice actually picked-up the win, everyone will remember the role the “Creator of Carnage” had in handing Swift back-to-back defeats for the first time in years! We know the tension is sure to boil over at some point, and this will certainly keep fans on the edge of their seats for some time to come.

  • 3- Champions rule the roost!

While Shawn Johnson held onto the top prize, there were also victories for Aspen Faith and The Rejected in their first post-Beach Ballroom challenges.

The “King of Catch” Aspen Faith squeezed past Bradley Evans after the 21-year-old prospect put in a great showing, with Faith having Sammii Jayne to thank for saving the championship! But in the end Evans fell victim to the Tombstone Piledrive to leave the King on his throne…for now.

While tag team champions The Rejected faced-up to a new pairing of Andy Wild and Nathan North; but it was clear that “Unstoppable” Wild might have kink in his armour, as flashbacks to the Beach Ballroom and Rikishi’s stink face left a funny taste in his mouth and almost cost his team the victory.

But after all was said and done, the inexperience of North came to roost – proving to be less than vintage – as Archer nailed him with the Flying DDT to score the victory and another successful tag team defence for The Rejected.

Archer and Vago have really been untouchable since regaining the doubles gold in January, but challengers are invited to step up to the plate and see if they can take the titles away from them!

And so another night at the Victoria Hall is in the record books; always a fun venue with a loud and enthusiastic crowd on hand to cheer on the action. Eyes now move forward to Proving Grounds in under three weeks time when the stars will get set to do it all again – we hope you can join us for that one at Cairncry Community Centre.