Live! in Westhill

Photography by Brian Battensby

The future for the champions in the WrestleZone was the focus as pro-wrestling action returned to the Ashdale Hall in Westhill this past Saturday night.

In the main event, the Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift would team with doubles champions The Rejected once more to take on the Sterling Oil trio of William and Alan Sterling, along with the 2017 Regal Rumble winner and number one contender, Shawn Johnson.

Making their way to a chorus of boos, Richard R. Russell’s men seemed undeterred by the hostile welcome. Indeed, the Sterling Oil strategist revels in this atmosphere and promised that tonight would be pivotal turn on the road to Aberdeen Anarchy.

Leading the charge was the “Red-Haired Warrior” were Mikkey Vago and Chris Archer; and the trio took the fight to Sterling Oil as the action spilled throughout the hall! With bodies flying everywhere, the fans enjoyed seeing their favourites on the up!

But as the action settled back down, Mikkey Vago found himself isolated from his cornermen and the Sterling Oil train went to work on the “Heavy Metal Hooligan”. Hitting him repeatedly, only Vago’s spirit kept him alive in the bout and he would eventually make the tag to the “Outcast”, as Chris Archer used all his high-flying acumen to turn the tide.

It wasn’t long before the action broke down once more, with all six men involved in the action. There was a pivotal moment which saw Shawn Johnson leave Swift laying after nailing him with the Michinoku driver, but while Archer went for a finishing move on Alan Sterling, the former four-time tag team champion was able to reverse and scored a quick roll-up for the win, aided of course by a handful of tights!

The fans were hot having seen Sterling Oil cheat their way to victory – but all that matters is the Sterling Brothers and Shawn Johnson got the job done and will fancy their chances at gaining the gold in the very near future!

Tri-Counties semi-finals

As well as the current champions, we would take one step closer to crowning the first-ever Tri-Counties Champion in Westhill as the semi-finals were replayed, following an inconclusive round at the Regal Rumble.

Opening up the event was semi-final one, featuring Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite in the 10-minute time limit contest. Wasting no time, these two brought everything with “Fully Loaded” the aggressor early-on, but this only served to antagonise Tucker who fought with fist for fist.

With Tucker holding his own, this turned into quite the contest! Tucker nearly scored the winning fall with his Neckbreaker, while Dynamite landed the Swingy-Ma-Jig and followed it up with a sweet springboard frogsplash – but once again just a two!

With both men throwing everything at each other, it was inevitably close – and indeed the time limit would run out with no winner declared. The contest was ruled a draw and both men were eliminated from the tournament, to the shock of the fans in Westhill.

And so, our second contest of the night would decide the first-ever Tri-Counties Champion, Bingo Ballance returning to wrestler Aspen Faith in a much-anticipated rematch. Having previously gone to a 10-minute draw, Faith wasted no time attacking the “Zenith of Zero G” before the bell and bringing the fight to the Irishman.

Two interested spectators would join us at ringside – eliminated semi-finalists Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite keen to see the action up close!

And for much of this contest, the spirit of competition was abandoned in desperation to win. Bingo Ballance nailed the G17 for a close fall, while the “King of Catch” retaliated with a deadlift German suplex. A springboard moonsault was met by the knees of Bingo Ballance and both men would find themselves on an even keel.

With the tension rising and both men nailing strikes, they would both be dragged out of the ring by Tucker and Dynamite and attacked! A huge brawl ensued in what was apparently payback for the Regal Rumble.

Ballance was able to break free and hit a soaring tope over the top rope, taking out all three competitors to the roar of the crowd. Any further trouble was broken up by WrestleZone staff, but they struggled to contain all four men as the bad blood spilled over!

The match between Ballance and Faith was ruled a double disqualification and an announcement from WrestleZone management is pending regarding the future of the Tri-Counties championship. It’s going to take a lot of diplomacy to settle this issue developing among Dynamite, Ballance, Faith and Tucker.

A challenge is laid down

So, while matters did not conclude for the “King of Catch” – how would the “Queen of Catch” Sammii-Jayne fare in her singles bout with World of Sport star Viper! The Vixen of Violence entered the Ashdale Hall to much fanfare, the fans heralding her return to action in the WrestleZone.

Having got the better of her at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, Viper was keen for a repeat and used her size advantage to knock Sammii for six in the early stages.

But Sammii is a tactician and knew the key to taming the Viper is to attack her from behind. And for a long period of time, that strategy worked – and it looked only a matter of time before victory was hers!

However, Viper’s spirit came to the fore as she was able to batter Sammii back and almost scored the win after a huge splash. Sensing victory, she looked to slam Sammii from the top! However, Viper was knocked down and found herself tangled in the ropes, allowing Sammii to hit her sickening neckbreaker and score a huge victory for herself!

After the match, the Queen was in a great mood and grabbed the microphone to declare herself the best female in the WrestleZone. With Aberdeen Anarchy on the horizon, Sammii made a challenge former 6-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina for a match at the Beach Ballroom. On her home turf, Sammii is determined to prove she is the true Queen of the WrestleZone and score herself a huge victory in the process!

Certainly, we can’t wait to see it as we are sure Melina will be out to prove Sammii-Jayne wrong and leave her with egg on her face on June 17th!

Mr. P is not happy!

Following a confrontation at the Regal Rumble, Mr. P and Andy Wild would meet for the very first time with management keen to settle any problems between them the old-fashioned way; in the wrestling ring!

With Mr. P out to embrace the chaos, he really showed his entertaining side from the off here as he had Andy Wild howling in pain from repeated punishment to his hand!

But when the action returned inside the wrestling ring, Wild proved why he is so “Unstoppable”, beating down on the fan favourite and relishing the boos that came his way! But the Englishman is an experienced competitor, but it was surprising how this bout slipped through his fingers after Mr. P nailed a Satellite Leg Sweep to shock the former Undisputed Champion.

Mr. P continued to build the momentum spurred on by the Westhill fans, and looked for the victory with the crossbody from the top rope! However, Wild was able to adjust and instead found himself on top, and using his feet on the ropes, would gain the victory much to the disgust of the fans!

Unlucky Mr. P will not be happy that Andy Wild got away with a cheap victory and something tells us that this won’t be the last bout between these two fiery competitors.

Triple Threat action

Throughout the years, the Ashdale Hall has played host to some incredible bouts and one speciality is the Triple Threat bout, where three grapplers fight in a match where almost anything can happen!

With Jimbo Bannon, Johnny Lions and Damien scheduled for this bout, fans were excited about the prospect of what this match would bring! And they weren’t disappointed as they were treated to a great bout where all three grapplers showed their innovative side.

With Bannon and Lions striking up an early alliance, the prospects for Damien were not good. But the alliance did not last long as the “Revolutionary” conspired to thwart both men, looking to isolate one from each other!

But the match really turned on its head in the closing stages as all three grapplers made a beeline for the victory. An array of spectacular moves had each man in the ascendancy, but as Lions strike the Lion Cutter on Damien, WrestleZone Training Academy graduate Jimbo Bannon found himself available to send Lions tumbling from the ring and score the pinfall on Damien instead!

Fans were unsure about this as Lions returned to the ring to argue with Jimbo, but by the book, there was nothing illegal in what Jimbo did. With tension clearly mounting between the two, a sharp exchange of words fortunately did not escalate on this occasion, and Bannon was able to reflect on his biggest victory to date.

And so that marks another year at the Ashdale Hall – a great night of pro-wrestling action that advances us closer to the big supershow on June 17th at the Beach Ballroom. Before then, a return to Inverurie Town Hall is on the cards and we hope you can join us for “Fan Appreciation Night”.