• Huntly Live! 2014

    8th November 2014 - Stewarts Hall, Huntly

    Kaden Garrick def. Chris Archer

    Danny Chase def. Malysto #1

    Cysto def. Super Executioner

    Crusher Craib (c) def. Aspen Faith via Countout (Undisputed Title Match)

    Mr P def. Malysto #2

    The Hotshots (c) def. Thunder Buddies & Revolution (Triple Threat Tag Team Title Tornado Match)

  • Newtonhill Live! 2014

    7th November 2014 - Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill

    William Sterling def. Bryan Tucker

    Kaden Garrick def. Super Executioner

    Los Cystos def. The Malystos

    Damien def. Blue Thunder

    Shawn Johnson def. Johnny Lions

    Crusher Craib, Scotty Swift & Mr P def. Alpha Male, Chris Archer & Aspen Faith

  • Halloween Hijinx 2014

    1st November 2014 - Ferryhill Community Centre, Aberdeen

    Scotty Swift def. Alpha Male & Chris Archer (Handicap Match)

    Jackie Polo def. Lord Alan Sterling & Kaden Garrick (Triple Threat Match)

    The Malystos def. Los Cystos

    The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker only) def. Revolution (c) & Thunder Buddies (Triple Threat Tag Title Match)

    Jeeves Winchester def. Mr P

    Crusher Craib (c) def. Aspen Faith (Undisputed Title Match)


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