• Christmas Chaos 2014

    6th December 2014 - Summerhill Hotel, Aberdeen

    The Granite City Hotshots (c) def. Super Executioner & Aspen Faith (Tag Team Title Match)

    Kaden Garrick def. Lewis Girvan

    Scotty Swift def. Chris Archer

    Lord Alan Sterling def. Mr P (Mr P now has to be Sterling's butler on Christmas Day)

    Crusher Craib (c) def. Jackie Polo (Undisputed Title Match)

    Thunder Buddies & Los Cystos def. The Malystos & Revolution (Christmas Brawl Match)

  • Arbroath Live! 2014

    22nd November 2014 - Community Centre, Arbroath

    Los Cystos & Blue Thunder def. The Malystos & Super Executioner

    Aspen Faith def. Bryan Tucker

    Scotty Swift def. The Alpha Male (Alpha Male now barred from ringside at Christmas Chaos)

    Damien def. Mr P

    Kaden Garrick & William Sterling def. Chris Archer & Lord Alan Sterling

    Crusher Craib (c) def. Johnny Lions & Shawn Johnson (Undisputed Title Triple Threat Match)

  • Huntly Live! 2014

    8th November 2014 - Stewarts Hall, Huntly

    Kaden Garrick def. Chris Archer

    Danny Chase def. Malysto #1

    Cysto def. Super Executioner

    Crusher Craib (c) def. Aspen Faith via Countout (Undisputed Title Match)

    Mr P def. Malysto #2

    The Hotshots (c) def. Thunder Buddies & Revolution (Triple Threat Tag Team Title Tornado Match)