• Live! in Stonehaven

    Saturday 13th May - Town Hall, Stonehaven

    Sterling Brothers def. Jason Reed & Bradley Evans

    Mikkey Vago def. Andy Wild

    Johnny Lions def. Nathan North & Damien

    Bryan Tucker def. Aspen Faith & Zach Dynamite

    Lou King Sharp def. Chris Archer

    Kid Fite & Shawn Johnson def. Mr. P & Scotty Swift

  • Live! in Inverurie

    Saturday 29th April - Town Hall, Inverurie

    Tables Match: Aspen Faith def. Blue Thunder

    Blindfold Match: Super Executioner def. Scotty Swift

    Andy Wild def. Zach Dynamite

    Kiss My Foot Match: Bryan Tucker def. Lord Mr. Malice

    Bradley Evans def. Nathan North

    The Rejected & Mr. P def. Alan Sterling, Damien & Shawn Johnson

  • Live! in Westhill

    Saturday 22nd April - Ashdale Hall, Westhill

    Tri-Counties Semi-final: Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite fought to a time limit draw

    Tri-Counties Semi-final: Bingo Ballance and Aspen Faith fought to a double disqualification

    Jimbo Bannon def. Damien & Johnny Lions

    Andy Wild def. Mr. P

    Sammii-Jayne def. Viper

    Shawn Johnson & Sterling Brothers def. The Rejected & Scotty Swift