• Live! in Brechin

    Saturday 24th September - City Hall, Brechin

    Mikkey Vago def. Blue Thunder

    Bryan Tucker def. WrestleZone Dominator

    Damien def. Jimbo Bannon

    Chris Archer def. Johnny Lions

    Jason Reed def. Lord Mr. Malice

    Tag Team Titles: Scotty Swift & Kaden Garrick def. Shawn Johnson & Alan Sterling via disqualification

  • Live! in Keith

    Saturday 17th September - Longmore Hall, Keith

    Shawn Johnson def. Kaden Garrick

    Blue Thunder def. Lord Mr. Malice

    Johnny Lions def. Chris Archer

    Alan Sterling def. Jimbo Bannon

    Bryan Tucker def. Mikkey Vago

    Undisputed Championship: Scotty Swift def. Damien

  • Live! in Banchory

    Saturday 27th August - Town Hall, Banchory

    Mr. P def. Chris Archer

    Jimbo Bannon def. Lord Mr. Malice

    Andrew Wilde def. Kaden Garrick

    Bryan Tucker def. Mikkey Vago

    Jason Reed def. Super Executioner

    (Non-title) Damien def. Zach Dynamite and Scotty Swift


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