• Battle of the Nations 2016

    Saturday 13th August 2016 - Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

    Tag Titles: Sterling Brothers def. Mr. P & Kaden Garrick to win the titles

    Zach Dynamite def. Lord Mr. Malice

    Unsanctioned: Shawn Johnson def. Bryan Tucker

    Battle of the Nations match: Sir Andrew Wilde (Eng) def. Johnny Lions (Sco)

    Jimbo Bannon & Blue Thunder def. The Rejected

    Sammii-Jayne def. Lucy Cole

    WZ Title: Scotty Swift def. Joe Coffey & Damien to retain the title

  • Proving Grounds 2016

    Saturday 23rd July 2016 - Cairncry Community Centre, Aberdeen

    Shawn Johnson def. Jason Reed

    Cysto #2 def. Alan Sterling

    Damien def. Jimbo Bannon

    WZ Title Blindfold Match - Scotty Swift def. Super Executioner

  • Live! in Laurencekirk

    Saturday 16th July 2016 - St Laurence Hall, Laurencekirk

    Alan Sterling def. Mr. P

    Chris Archer def. Cysto #2

    Kaden Garrick def. William Sterling

    Johnny Lions & Damien fought to double count-out

    Super Executioner def. Lord Mr. Malice

    WZ Title: Scotty Swift def. Mikkey Vago